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Global Business and Environmental Sustainability

As a global security company, we seek to support our customer priorities and strategic objectives. In fulfilling that role, we act to conserve environmental resources. Further, we regularly interact with many scientists and policymakers to support the generation of key decision-making data.

For more than 25 years, Northrop Grumman satellites, airborne platforms, sensor technologies and modeling systems have provided, among other uses, climate monitoring and measurement data from air and space to land and sea. Our technology supports critical applications and provides data for understanding climate science. In turn, we help inform policymakers about climate-related environmental risks and impacts to adaptation and resiliency plans.

Our Mission

GOAL Provide high-quality, innovative and affordable products and systems to support the U.S. military and allies in successful missions around the world, with a focus on: Autonomous Systems; Cyber; Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR); Strike; and Logistics and Modernization.

PERFORMANCE Throughout 2016, our team delivered another year of strong performance. We continued to embrace our partnership with U.S. and allied defense and security partners to provide high-quality, affordable products and systems through a robust mission-assurance process that emphasizes our company-wide focus on quality, innovation and superior program performance. We are excited about our many future opportunities and remain committed to generating value through sustainable top performance.

GOAL Lead the defense industry in sustainable top performance; generate value for our shareholders, customers and employees; and maintain strong, enduring values.

PERFORMANCE We use specific metrics to measure our success in meeting our stakeholder goals. In 2016, we met or exceeded three of our four objectives for shareholders, and, in aggregate, met the company’s non–financial goals for customers and employees.