Environment: Environmental Sustainability Environment

Our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) professionals across the company are responsible for implementing programs and practices that support compliance across our diverse operations in 25 nations at 442 separate locations. These professionals work closely with site managers to provide employees with the resources and support to operate safely and prevent and mitigate any environmental or occupational health and safety impacts.

Our Policy and Commitment

  • Implement pollution prevention programs to minimize the release of contaminants, the use of natural resources, and the generation of solid and hazardous waste.
  • Establish processes to facilitate timely identification, reporting and response to EHS concerns and conduct EHS training and awareness campaigns.
  • Integrate EHS requirements and sustainability practices in planning, design, procurement and modification activities.

2016 Conference

As a company with extensive industrial and manufacturing operations, it is important that we build and maintain a workforce that includes highly skilled and motivated EHS professionals. In 2016, 90 of our EHS employees came together for two days to strengthen their professional network (see above image) through team building, information sharing and education sessions.

One session generated innovative ideas for poster displays at Northrop Grumman sites to improve compliance, mitigate safety and health risks on the manufacturing floor and demonstrate how we integrate environmentally sustainable practices into daily operations. Additionally, external experts at the conference presented recent regulatory changes and updates, new and emerging trends, and insight into our customers’ current and future needs.