EHS Audit Program

Our internal EHS Audit Program supplements our day-to-day compliance management and provides an objective assessment of how effectively we are meeting regulatory compliance programs in our operations. Our policy is to conduct compliance and management system audits at required sites every three to five years. Our internal audit teams comprise EHS experts from across the company who review their specific area. The audits ensure sufficient expertise and time to conduct a thorough evaluation of EHS programs and management.

The scope of the audits includes federal, national, state and local regulatory requirements, standards organization codes, such as fire codes, and company policy and procedures. We base our management systems assessments on ISO 14001 and OSHA’s 18001 standards, as well as industry best practices that emphasize key fundamentals of day-to-day business operations.

Through benchmarking and a continual improvement assessment of our internal EHS Audit Program, we evaluated and identified opportunities for improved efficiency and effectiveness. As a result, the program is currently undergoing updates that will provide more detailed program performance metrics and improve cross-sector collaboration and sharing of best practices.

Audit Program: Look ahead

We use our internal EHS Audit Program to ensure compliance and foster continuous improvement at our sites. To that end, our data shows we are consistently improving audits year over year. To continue this trend, we are adjusting the program protocol to focus on specific higher-risk issues identified during audits, using software and programming to gain efficiencies in the audit process, and providing regulatory resources that will help promote consistency among auditors. We are dedicated to investing in the continuous improvement of our audit program.

Northrop Grumman Sites Audited in 2016

Sites Audited in 2016

Northrop Grumman Sites Audited in 2016