Environmental remediation

2017 Goals And Performance Summary


Manage global environmental liabilities and drive business value to ensure the continued protection of human health and the environment. Aligned with our Northrop Grumman mission and policies, we are committed to the core values of quality, leadership, integrity, collaboration and stakeholder satisfaction. We make technically sound and cost-effective decisions, meet regulatory obligations and provide remediation leadership. We commit to work with integrity to ensure quality, drive performance and uphold safe work practices for ourselves and the teams we lead.

We continue to provide cost-effective and scientifically sound alternatives to traditional resource-intensive remediation practices to reduce environmental disturbance, lower energy use, and promote ecosystem recovery.


  • Clifton Precision in Murphy, North Carolina: Obtained USEPA RCRA Corrective Action Statement of Basis finalizing the site remediation plan for groundwater contamination covering a one-mile area.
  • Reda Pump Facility in Marshall, Texas: Received a “No Further Action” determination from the regulatory agency, as well as closure of a 10-acre site where we treated soil and impaired groundwater over a 30-year timeframe.
  • Puente Valley in Industry, California: Submitted the final design (100 percent) to the U.S. EPA for a water treatment plant to treat groundwater contamination covering a two-mile area.
  • Zeidrich Site in Minerva, Ohio: Received Ohio EPA approval finalizing the site remediation plan of excavation and removal of a former waste site covering two acres.
  • Former US Navy/Grumman Facilities in Bethpage, New York: We are engaged in remediation activities relating to environmental conditions allegedly resulting from historic operations at the former United States Navy and Grumman facilities in Bethpage, New York. For more than 20 years, we have worked closely with the United States Navy, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the New York State Department of Health and other federal, state and local governmental authorities to address legacy environmental conditions. We are committed to continuing to address environmental conditions with other responsible parties through implementation of scientifically sound and technically proven remedies.


We are leading the design and construction of two environmental remediation projects to address contaminated groundwater zones within the Puente Valley (California) Operable Unit of the San Gabriel Superfund Site located east of Los Angeles and under oversight by the U.S. EPA. In 2015, we purchased 1.8 acres for the construction of these two water treatment plants.

  • Completed property restoration and re-purposing of the 1.8 acres for beneficial and sustainable use.
    • Removed 400 tons of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil to a depth of 4 feet covering 2,500 square feet.
    • Obtained approval for site closure of remedial activities from the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Board.
  • Designed construction of both water treatment plants that will begin in 2018:
    • One groundwater treatment plant to treat up to 2,000 gallons per minute of contaminated groundwater and distribute for potable use to the San Gabriel Basin, providing clean water for 50,000 residents.
    • One groundwater treatment plant to treat up to 300 gallons per minute with conventional treated water discharge.