Governance: Board of Directors Governance

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in corporate governance, ensuring our interests at Northrop Grumman are aligned throughout the company, increasing accountability to shareholders and demonstrating our commitment to compliance, ethics and integrity.

We regularly engage with our shareholders to better understand their perspectives regarding Northrop Grumman. That ongoing dialogue with shareholders informs decisions by the Board of Directors and helps shape our governance and compensation practices to ensure our interests remain aligned with shareholders.

Board of Directors

The primary responsibility of the Board of Directors is to foster the long-term success of Northrop Grumman, promoting the interests of our shareholders.

2016 Governance Goal and Performance Summary

GOAL Effective corporate governance to ensure long-term value creation.

PERFORMANCE The Board has adopted corporate governance policies and programs including the Principles of Corporate Governance, which reinforce our values and provide for effective management, oversight and responsible business practices.

See the Principles of Corporate Governance on the Northrop Grumman website.