Accommodations requests at a glance

how we support

We launched our self-service online request system ACCOMMODATE in June 2015, which provides accommodations for People With Disabilities. We are committed to providing accommodations for disabilities and a range of other needs including religious, dietary, new mother, caregiver, transition assistance and travel. For example, our Employee Resource Group VOICE (Victory Over Impairment and Challenge Enterprise) helped pilot a software solution for lactation room reservations, accessibility and utilization.


  • Job Modifications (duties/hours/location)
  • Job Equipment (chairs, lamps, mirrors, sit/stand desks)
  • Accessibility (facilities modifications and IT hardware/software)
  • Accommodation Services (interpreters, captioning, travel, lactation/prayer rooms, dietary)
2016 Total: 1172 Requests, 1896 Requests (Since Inception in 2015)


  • Ongoing partnerships: We work closely with disability organizations including Office of Disability Employment Policy, U.S. Business Leadership Network, American Association for People with Disabilities and Job Accommodation Network.

  • Museum on Wheels: Hosted and sponsored America‚Äôs Disability Rights Museum on Wheels featuring interactive learning and technology. The mobile exhibit stopped in major cities in the United States, including a stop at our Northrop Grumman location in Mclean, Virginia, to educate people about the disability movement and passage of Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990.

  • Facilities upgrades: At a number of Northrop Grumman facilities we have installed automatic opener buttons on doors, gender-neutral restrooms and other building improvements.

  • Operation IMPACT: Continued support of our program by providing accommodations to veteran employees (and their spouses) who qualify as OI candidates.