2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

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Acquiring The Best Talent

At Northrop Grumman, acquiring, engaging, developing and managing our talent goes beyond fulfilling a strategic priority. Our values-based culture provides the framework to help each employee maximize potential.

College Connection At Northrop Grumman, we maintain close relationships with representatives at top colleges across the globe. Through these partnerships, we provide expertise to university research programs and support various campus and student initiatives.

In 2015, we expanded and enhanced our Professional Development Program for new college hires, which provides up to three years of rotational opportunities. This program provides employees the chance to experience various skill challenges and locations. In 2015, approximately 500 of our new college hires participated.

1,300 Graduates

In 2015, we recruited and hired more than 1,300 college graduates. Over the past five years, more than half of our new graduate hires have been women and people of color.

Operation IMPACT At Northrop Grumman, we aim to lead efforts to train and employ troops and wounded warriors with Operation IMPACT (Injured Military Pursuing Assisted Career Transition). In 2015, we celebrated the program’s 10th anniversary. A dedicated team of employees provides program management, personalized placement assistance, community outreach and workplace accommodations for severely injured service members transitioning to civilian employment. Since it's inception, we have hired 195 employees through Operation IMPACT. If a service member is so severely injured that they are unable to work, their primary caregiver is enrolled into the program and is offered the same level of support.

Strategic Sourcing and Military Recruiting Our strategic sourcing and military recruiting team has a passion and dedication to help bridge the employment gap for our retiring and exiting service members. Through these efforts, we continue to partner with internal and external resources including Operation IMPACT and VERITAS, our employee resource group for veterans. The team continues to foster and grow existing partnerships with external groups such as the Military Officers Association of America, DoD Hiring Heroes, Virginia Employment Commission, Student Veterans of America and Corporate Gray.

Moving away from reactionary sourcing and recruiting, we partner with stakeholders to proactively establish programs and relationships. This includes upgrading our career portal to introduce our new military skills translator tool. This tool improves each veterans overall job-seeking experience. Also, we established a military talent acquisition information-sharing structure, work with strategic military personnel to establish local relationships and create a pool of candidates with needed, specific skill sets.

Diversity and Strategic Sourcing We understand a diverse organization is a forward-thinking organization and that the success of Northrop Grumman depends on the effective collaboration of different perspectives, skills and experiences. We are dedicated to identifying the best talent to supply the pipeline of future leaders and employees with strategic skills. In 2015, we continued to partner with numerous diversity-based organizations to connect with talented candidates.

The Operation IMPACT Network of Champions is a group of private sector employers including Northrop Grumman, nonprofit organizations and U.S. Federal agencies to support wounded, ill and injured veterans.