2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

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Our Commitment to Development

At Northrop Grumman, we provide the tools and support to build leaders at every level regardless of an employee’s title. We have high expectations for our leaders, so we provide numerous avenues to learn the skills for successful career development and enhanced team performance.

The Foundation - Leadership Characteristics The six Northrop Grumman leadership characteristics provide the foundation for skills all leaders must develop in order to be successful and deliver top-tier, sustainable performance. We believe that leadership behaviors define the culture of the company and, as such, leadership characteristics are given equal consideration, along with performance objectives, in our annual assessment process. The leadership behaviors are key to assessing potential in our annual succession planning process. In 2015, we introduced our Leadership Characteristics program, which provides a set of education, experience and exposure activities for each characteristic. Individuals and teams can participate in each unit, which explains in detail what constitutes each characteristic, how to demonstrate it and how to recognize and encourage it in others. More than 4,000 people have participated in the online program.

New Manager Program Employees promoted to manager complete the New Manager Program, which provides the information, tools and networking opportunities to help during a manager’s first 90 days. Whether a manager is new to a role or new to the company, each can create a transition plan and track progress in building a team and network, defining performance expectations, shaping strategic priorities and learning the business.

New managers complete required courses in leadership essentials, manager essentials, Northrop Grumman policies, ethics and employment laws. Weekly sessions with company leaders help new managers learn more about the business, and a virtual community site helps new managers connect with each other, ask questions and share resources. Following a successful transition and placement, front-line managers can continue to use the manager community as an avenue to share their experiences and best practices and to find additional development opportunities for themselves and their teams.

Executive Development Our annual organizational leadership review process identifies and tracks high-potential employees and is critical to maintaining a diverse pipeline of talented professionals and delivering a diverse slate of candidates for senior and middle management positions. To further prepare and evaluate candidates for advancements, employees can attend a number of leadership programs including Strategic Leadership, Executive Leadership and Women in Leadership. Participants in many of these programs also receive one-on-one coaching and access to tools such as a 360 and executive assessments.

Professional and Technical Development Northrop Grumman Development Center is the online portal providing access to tools, guidance and courses for professional and career development. Because professional development is so much more than formal training, the online resource provides business exposure and supplemental education to employees at every level and every stage of their career.

Employees and leaders can visit the site to build a career plan, find a mentor, learn about tuition reimbursement or explore one of the functional development centers launched in 2015. These specialty areas focus on specific organizations including business management, engineering, global business development, logistics, program management and quality/mission assurance. We are adding additional functional development centers in 2016 including human resources, supply chain and enterprise security.

Our collective diversity allows creativity and innovation to flourish, enabling us to create some of the most technically sophisticated products in the world.