2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

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Creating the Best Culture: Employee Engagement

Creating the best culture Two elements are critical to sustainable top performance and creating the best company culture: employee engagement and our ability to create and sustain an inclusive work environment. We are committed to providing an inclusive work environment wherein employees are receptive to diverse ideas, perspectives and talents to help solve our toughest customer challenges.

We are committed to providing this inclusive work environment where openness, diverse ideas, perspectives and talents solve our customers’ toughest challenges. We want all employees to feel welcomed, respected, included and valued so everyone can contribute to innovation and achieving top performance.

Employee Survey Since 2010, we have conducted an annual employee survey to obtain candid feedback on our company culture. A third-party vendor administers the survey to ensure employee anonymity. Our goal is to better understand where we are currently meeting people’s needs in the workplace and to identify specific areas and actions where we can improve.

We redesigned the survey in 2015 to gather employee feedback regarding their perceptions on inclusion as well as engagement. Additionally, employees around the globe had the opportunity to provide feedback on focus areas such as company leadership, manager effectiveness, work environment, sustainable engagement, accountability and career development.

In 2015, 86 percent of Northrop Grumman employees completed the survey, which was made available in eight languages to employees in 30 countries. Overall, engagement and inclusion scores were on par with externally benchmarked, high-performing companies and exceeded the benchmark for other aerospace and defense companies included in the survey database.

Leaders with five or more direct reports who completed the survey are provided with personalized reports and access to a suite of online tools to interpret results and identify areas for improvement. Leaders and teams work together to analyze the results, determine areas of focus and create an action plan for the coming year. Progress on these plans provides employees with the chance to see their feedback in action and reinforces the message that participation in the survey benefits individuals, teams and the entire organization.

Our Summer Games brings together Employee Resource Group participants and their families in Southern California, along with industry competitors, for networking and fun.